Haifa kz

Haifa kz

Welcome!❤️ I am so glad you’re here. My name is Haifa, creator of Yummylah. My goal is to inspire you to make healthy home cooked food, and my recipes are cut to the chase to suit your busy life.

Stir fry Rice dumplings

Rice dumplings are soft, slightly sticky, mixed with various flavours and textures. Fun Fact: In india, The association of modak to Lord Ganesha has been the work of mythology mostly since the vedic

Moong dal Pakoras/Mung lentil fritters

I remember enjoying this monsoon delicacy during my college days with friends at a local tea shop nearby while it was  pouring outside! Ah.. Such lovely times. Trust me, these pakoras taste even

How to make soft Idly with broken wheat/bulgar.

Idly is a pillowy soft steamed cakes made out of soaked and ground rice with lentils and fermented overnight. FUN FACT : Idly was mentioned in the year 920 CE by Shivakotiacharya an author

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